Riley is a leading Cloud Managed Services provider.

We don’t just help businesses build cloud-based infrastructure. We are architects of real, and continuous, business change. With our support, our customers become agile, and are able to continually innovate, becoming masters of their own space.

We are passionate about technology and committed to helping our clients understand the different capabilities of the cloud solutions available. Every recommendation is matched to their technical and organisational requirements while leveraging the best technology to enable their businesses to thrive.

About Our Re-brand

Formerly Data Solutions Group (DSG), Riley is a cloud-based solutions consultancy, founded with the belief that with the right mix of people and technology, any business can rapidly bring new ideas to life and change the way they work.

Our rebrand is as a result of the evolution of our services. We want our name to represent who we are today - although we still are the same great team who produces innovative, game-changing solutions.

Riley guides enterprises to re-engineer themselves with emerging technologies, helping them harness the cloud to create, innovative and use unique capabilities to transform their industry.

We recruit the best people, who share our vision of bringing people and technology together, so business can thrive, build abundance and change the world.