Take a Peek Inside Our Virtual Reality Office

April 3rd,2020

There is no question about the rising popularity of working remotely. As we seek to develop flexible and sustainable business practices, support work-life balance and develop virtual teams, our workplaces have been increasingly transitioning away from the traditional office model.

Many businesses have already made the move to web conferencing, screen sharing and instant messaging technologies to allow us to continue to work outside of the office.

Now you can take it one step further. At Riley, we implemented a virtual office we can share with our colleagues. It enables online interaction and collaborative working.

It’s a place you can enjoy some of the benefits of working in the office, without coming in. Commuting for hours to work is a waste of productivity and a drain on everyone. Instead, remote working is both a more convenient and sustainable option.

Intelligent and Collaborative Interactions

Working remotely doesn’t have to be isolating or keep you away from your coworkers. A virtual office preserves your culture, relationships and the fun, casual interactions that define your team.

In a virtual office, you’ll talk to your colleagues through a voice or text chat, see each other as customisable avatars and even use gesture animations.

Now that you have complete control over your workspace, you can customise your office and decorate your individual workspace. Work locations are completely flexible, too. You can have a meeting in an office-like environment, then head outside and have a chat as you walk around an island or beach resort.

Your virtual environment is your own. You can design and scale it to fit your needs and put up messaging and branding to make it feel similar to a real office space.

What about meetings?

In your virtual workplace, your team will now have access to an abundance of meeting, board and breakout rooms to collaborate, present and work together in. If you need silence and privacy, you can move into your personal office at any time.

On the VirBela platform, you’ll only hear the people around you speak. This makes it easy to divide into groups or hold a private meeting. At the same time, it’s far more dynamic and interactive than an email thread or voice call; it’s just as if your whole team was in the same place!

Riley’s Virtual Office

At Riley, we built our remote working office in VirBela. Consultants can gather around a table for a meeting, work at computers in a common room or head to their private offices.

Running a virtual workplace allows teams to see, talk and work with each other, no matter where they all are, in a way no other technology can.