Case Studies

Get an insight into how we think, work and interact with our clients by reviewing our case studies.

Riley represents a wide variety of industries including;

Financial Services, Legal, Manufacturing, Hospitality, and Entertainment.

With Google Cloud's Recommendations AI, JB Hi-Fi is extending and improving the quality of product recommendations across its website, aligning its online experience with the personalized, knowledgeable experience provided by staff in its stores.

With Google Cloud, ConX delivers a SaaS-based service for building and construction contractors that enables 2,500 users to improve the efficiency of estimation and tender management and is poised to expand internationally and apply machine learning to improve the quality of its products.

Publift delivers 55% boost in client ad revenue, increases customer base by 150% in one year, and saves 30% in manpower hours per week with Google Cloud, using CloudCDN, CloudFunctions, BigQuery and DataStudio.

Riley provided a cost and time-efficient solution to a long-winded, automated customer service recording. In our recent case study, we explore how Riley streamlined the customer experience by utilising AWS' Cognitive CX suite.

Cloud Migration: CHU were driven to consider the cloud for a number of reasons, but mainly because the IT infrastructure they were using prior to migrating with Riley was outdated and was not able to support their growing needs.

Compass Group, with help from the team at Riley, migrated their production data centre to AWS. Learn how they reduced cost and improved database performance using EC2, RDS, and Security features from AWS and Riley.