Cloud Migration Made Simple with Riley and Google

Join Riley and Google Cloud for a lunchtime session where we share our practical in-the-field experiences for a successful cloud migration.

We cover various topics; from reviewing the different approaches, to the tooling available that saves time and effort, keeping staff engaged and focused on innovation.


AI for Personalised Product Recommendations with Google Cloud

One of the most advanced product recommendation systems in the world can now be implemented for your eCommerce site within days, using the latest AI-driven technologies by Google Cloud.

We will run a full discovery workshop, providing a high-level technical design and cost of ownership at no cost to you - providing all the information you need to make a decision with no obligation.


Cloud-Native: Cost Management with Riley and CloudHealth

We've partnered with the experts over at CloudHealth to bring you this free session, focussed on helping you establish cost visibility and automate your cloud spend. Join us to learn the actions you can take now to rapidly reduce cloud expenditure, using real examples from our customers.


GCP Transformation Workshop

Kick-start your migration to the Google Cloud Platform! In our free workshop, our GCP certified team will accelerate the technical discovery process and define a clear migration strategy to move your IT infrastructure to the Google Cloud Platform.


AWS Well-Architected Review

Register for a complimentary assessment of your environment delivered to AWS best practices and start maximising your cloud investment.

During an AWS Well-Architected Review, one of our cloud experts will review your workload using the Well-Architected tool against the five pillars.


Cloud-Native Networking with Riley, Google and Megaport

Learn how organisations are successfully creating hybrid and multi-cloud networks to leverage the unique benefits and capabilities offered from a variety of cloud vendors. The session will highlight the technical considerations that should be recognised and the solutions to common challenges that come with implementing a high-performance multi-cloud strategy.


Tech Talk with Riley: AWS Organisations Advanced Features and Intro to Control Tower

Join us to learn helpful advanced features within AWS Organisations and get an introduction to AWS Control Tower.


Webinar: Cloud-Native Security At Speed

Are you sacrificing speed for security? There are many reasons why traditional security methods do not adequately meet cloud-native security challenges. Join our live webinar to learn how to safeguard your business at the speed of cloud-native.