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Our approach to Data

At Riley, we are technologists at heart, passionate about partnering with our customers to help them be successful with data foundations, strategies, smart analytics, and business intelligence using the Google Cloud Platform.

With automation and efficiency as core principles, Riley leverages a suite of design and operational patterns to assist customers in bringing to life the solutions that will push their business toward a brighter future.

Using our deployment patterns and constructed IP, we bring not only a wealth of experience but solution accelerators to bring your infrastructure, data, or AI solutions to life quickly and securely in a way that is not only scalable but consistent.
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Service Offerings:

Data Foundations:

Data Foundations are at the core of successful businesses. Utilising pre-defined patterns, Riley can provide a refined foundation that suits your needs while ensuring the solution is scalable and secure by default.

Working closely with our clients throughout the foundation engagements, understanding their data challenges and business requirements is key to creating a best practices data environment.

Learn more about our data foundations from one of our customers.

ConX Customer Story

Business Intelligence, leveraging Looker:

Being a trusted Google Looker partner, Riley will provide the guardrails for our clients to continue to utilise and leverage the platform for other Visualisation services as they require in a secure and scalable fashion.

This includes workflows and access patterns being defined and designed as guided by requirements. This is to ensure there is a clear understanding of who can access what and from where

From the foundation. Riley, we help build out the Data Pipelines, Views, Reports, and ML Models for your BI Team. This approach allows a more streamlined reporting and aggregation view of business data and enables the BI Team to put the power in the hands of the Key Business Stakeholders.

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Publift Customer Story

Retail Suite:

Riley has a proven track record in elevating and expanding our retail customers. With the Google Cloud Expertise for Retail and Wholesale, Riley brings a wealth of experience and patterns into the Retail Space.

Utilising Google Clouds Discovery solutions for Retail, including:

  • Recommendations AI
  • Retail Search
  • Vision API Product Search
  • And many more

Riley has constructed additional solution add-ons that expand on Google’s core framework and provide additional functionality and insights that provide an extra layer of value to the retail suite.

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JB HiFi Customer Story

API + Google Cloud + Riley

“When customers visit our stores, our knowledgeable, experienced staff can offer personalized solutions not just for customers’ immediate needs, but also suggest related products that allow those customers to get the most from their purchases. We wanted our online customers to have a similar experience by giving them personalized, relevant, and timely product attachment recommendations.”

—Gary Siewert, Marketing Director, JB Hi-Fi